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  • clutch the cinnamon sergal
    clutch the cinnamon sergal

    "History repeats itself...untill someone like me steps in and stops it." Furious*

  • Agoti?


  • darkpq

    "Mario then used Luigui as a hamer" I feel like i saw that before...But gosh dam i Had a cringe atack

  • Danger1000

    So WolfyChu is Melony?

  • Melvin

    13:34 when u done dieing so much by (same post aging lol) then just break a code then banish them lol then u said this

  • NathanPlays


  • Jack Dunne
    Jack Dunne

    Mario running out of spaghetti has been done before in R64: the spahgettipocalypse Also, R64: the hangover has some really weird spaghetti with some syringes in it. Watch them if you're interested.

  • Marc Nathan Arevalo
    Marc Nathan Arevalo

    If meggy died, there would be no summer vacation.

  • Alex27G

    Is that wolfychu during 7:04 - 7:45 ???

  • SartcilGamez

    what if the strongest person in smash ate all of Marios spaghetti

  • Melvin

    12:40 meggy is sans and got kinfe by (same thing) me be like (wario meme) OH MY GOD WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-

  • KStarGamer

    Damn I was hoping to see ‘What if Genius Mario never became evil’ or ‘What if Meggy continued perusing law’...

  • MarioBoi28

    2:54 POV: ur sibling bothers u while ur gaming.

  • Mattrockj

    The melony one was just a bit ominous with the ddlc music.

  • Mambaa711

    Seeing desti in the thumbnail knowing that this would be good


    I am literally watching this off my phone hotspot on my iPad air 4th generation.

  • mudkip399

    12:42 Depression size Plus ultra

  • Tyler Gaffney
    Tyler Gaffney

    When Mario gets chased by the police that song in the background is the Chase music in the game bully

  • Ryu taro
    Ryu taro

    Meggy fans: AAAAAAA NOOOOOOOOOO MEGGGGYYYYYY Me : I agree with smg4

  • X_zox

    im going to destory my house

  • Melvin

    12:00 this how i will react if the Chara(lol undertale) try to attack me with tha knife

  • DILLTAMA cipher
    DILLTAMA cipher

    Smg3: Takes over channel Bob: Rapping career Francis: Waifus Waluigi:...killed his only brother so he can rule the world.... waluigi....number one....

  • What the Fools!
    What the Fools!

    what kind

  • TheSidside

    12:18 and here I thought that Meggy would still be an inkling if Desti had lived and saved her.

  • Parker Allums
    Parker Allums

    I actually liked that steve and saiko are talking to each other that was fresh

  • TimothyJazz PopanesRecto
    TimothyJazz PopanesRecto

    Who said a statue of her friends can trust her?

  • A blade . .
    A blade . .

    C u t e 7:08

  • TheAngerManagementguy

    9:54 Meta Runner Season 10

  • Gatling Spletzer the Inkhog
    Gatling Spletzer the Inkhog

    I guess this is result of Desti fans demanding...

  • Carmen Corea Rivas
    Carmen Corea Rivas

    This video makes me wanna play russian roulette but with the entire ammo

  • Luan Bulhões
    Luan Bulhões

    3:14 ... Welcome to Brazil... Well....At least is not ofending me and the people from here.

  • opime douard
    opime douard

    bob is the perfect creation and he wan't to save the world for money and bichess

  • Khairul Anuar
    Khairul Anuar

    What if Mario dab and Sonic barfed?

  • The official skull [T-O-Skull]
    The official skull [T-O-Skull]

    Man i bet this guy look all over in his characters for desti

  • Ebraw Ebraw
    Ebraw Ebraw


  • The Living Liver
    The Living Liver

    now i wonder if there’ll be an alternate universe movie about desti if she lived

  • noname321

    So desti would honor meggy just as much as meggy honors Desti.

  • Teoh Jia Wei
    Teoh Jia Wei

    SMG4 was an anime was literally just nanis

  • TimothyJazz PopanesRecto
    TimothyJazz PopanesRecto

    This is what happens when you betrayed your friends.


    if i

  • Seamus Adams
    Seamus Adams

    Me: sees the video picture and knows instantly the final one. Also me: The internet’s gonna have fun tonight.

  • Floppys Slave
    Floppys Slave

    what if smg4 tari was replaced with meta runner tari

  • RiverGAMER

    Wait… So if Mario was NEVER stupid… SMG4 whould have died? I… Guess that makes sense considering Mario is SMG4’s avatar.

  • Casual Crusader
    Casual Crusader

    This video gave me stage 4 cancer.

  • Maximiliano Pastén Fernández
    Maximiliano Pastén Fernández


  • Black bird
    Black bird

    I survived 2021 What did it cost Adobe flash

  • Keshia Linardo
    Keshia Linardo

    iNsAnItY alTeRnATe TiMeLiNE

  • Ammar Games
    Ammar Games

    There's no way... after i watched Meggy's Destiny alternate ending...

  • Waifuulover

    I cryed alot on ddlc and im still crying in another words i want to die i want to be happy but i cant i want to cry to death i need help pls send some

  • Darksteel Heart
    Darksteel Heart

    Desti returns as an evil android like Streets of Rage had evil Axel?

  • pardon all nobody's
    pardon all nobody's

    Don't worry boopkins the potion actually worked. It's just saying you're handsome

  • Seth Landeros
    Seth Landeros

    I played that game before and it was frustrating

  • 3rdydostuffz

    If desti never dies meggy will not have a series in the glitch channel

  • Daiana Santos
    Daiana Santos


  • SansBen100 SansBen100
    SansBen100 SansBen100

    The last one made me cry from the memories.

  • Christopher Gomez
    Christopher Gomez


  • hello hi
    hello hi

    Early smg4 video

  • Random YouTuber
    Random YouTuber

    Meme got le spoilers ok? You press read more once the video is done Fans: We want desti to live! SMG4: ok then meggy dies instead Fans: *wait no*

  • Mr Irrelevant
    Mr Irrelevant


  • Barkity

    But what if ztar came back? Og smg4 love ztar he was funny so why not bring him back as the new big bad let's not forget he almost beat mario and smg4

  • Daiana Santos
    Daiana Santos


  • Garbage Lord
    Garbage Lord

    Do another, if u do then what if bob helped lemon demon

  • flame RBLX
    flame RBLX

    Release next episode after "the other universe"

  • samoyed lover
    samoyed lover

    It's like that movie happy death day one of the horror movies that I watched

  • Pixel gun gamer Luke YT
    Pixel gun gamer Luke YT

    0:32 Mario:too bad I’m a king 👑 Also Mario: 0:33

  • OliverOFilms

    Damn Luke had puberty hit him harder than a nuke

  • Marshadow Gaming
    Marshadow Gaming

    It was either desgi or meggy, only one

  • The Living Liver
    The Living Liver

    for a sec i thought fishy boopkins didnt change to be handsome in the beginning is cuz hes already good looking

  • SilverFlight01

    11:27 So basically, you can't have both alive forever. No wonder I was so eager to kill Sephiroth over and over with Kazuya. (Smash)

  • Tj Dain
    Tj Dain

    Do if Mario was in sonic

  • JollyJuice_99

    Why can’t we just keep both best girls??

  • Seth Landeros
    Seth Landeros

    0:33 BRUH AMario WTF 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Seth Landeros
      Seth Landeros

      Typo Mario

  • HaloSlayer99

    You know I always was curious what would happen if desti survived but does that mean that maybe that same Sepiroth would be still out there and perhaps come after Meggy in the current universe hmmmmmm???? It would be interesting to see Meggy get revenge

  • Rustymcnut

    Oh my god Melony narrating is just so cute… What have you done to meeeeeee!? God is dead… and we have killed him. I see Melony has been reading Nietzsche. Bob vs Saiko is uproariously funny.

  • Addiin

    This is cooler than marvel what if

  • ŠŚеñmõdnár No2
    ŠŚеñmõdnár No2

    What if the anime island incident never happened…

  • IanGames777

    this smg4 vid only has 2 cucsses new recored!

  • Ikram Izariane
    Ikram Izariane