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  • JDLE Gaming
    JDLE Gaming

    oh wait the monster eye in a terraria lol

  • MATTSUN Maulana
    MATTSUN Maulana

    L O R E SMG4

  • Hunter 590
    Hunter 590

    3:06 me: *about to ask my crush out* 3:10 *she’s with her friends*

  • Joshuaboi761

    When will you make the next one

  • aldane reynolds
    aldane reynolds

    9:00 got me good XD

  • Salttheweirdkid

    3:07 me and the bois in payday 2 when we all have the comically large spoon weopan: the police be like: Insert police as melony be like:

  • MATTSUN Maulana
    MATTSUN Maulana

    L O R F

  • 橘昌代

    Meggy the thing is you don't really need to get a new job if you don't want to.

  • Small Brain Gaming
    Small Brain Gaming

    "Don't look up naughty things on the internet, or the police will come to get you. Which remindd me to clear my internet history..." I'm absolutely positive someone can relate to that.

  • Bailed Auto
    Bailed Auto


  • Dave Zelm
    Dave Zelm

    13:02 tell me how get 3d eye of Cthulhu

  • Monica Parson
    Monica Parson


  • Wil Bourke (WBFE)
    Wil Bourke (WBFE)

    Elon Wario deserved to be in the dark web, his SNL sketch was worse than cancer!

  • Adriana Dueñas
    Adriana Dueñas

    Sonic: here I come Steve:yeah no *hits sonic and sonic Flys away* Sonicpov: why nw :[

  • Jaydon The Riolu
    Jaydon The Riolu


  • catto

    "Hav Confience!" *_b o o_* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA "no confidence :c"

  • Ricard2806 ##
    Ricard2806 ##

    Legal maneirão BRAZIL

  • Rowena Garcia
    Rowena Garcia

    Imagine if Robotnik heads are hot and ur back touch 1

  • Envy Homunculus
    Envy Homunculus

    This got to have something with this current arc. There are two SMG4s. One is the irl one (Luke), the creator, and the other is his “avatar” who is SMG4. This is why they don’t always share the same memory as each other. They are sort of different characters!

  • Lou Green
    Lou Green

    Hey can you make a shirt And now to that I'll tell you something here's what I want you to hear I want you to make a character that I made up so I want you to create an honor shirt and I also want you to create it in the video 2 or the next video that you make Let me tell you what I want on the character and what the character looks like I want the character's hair to be blue and greenI want the character to wear a mask like a mask that But actually wouldn't know forget the mask Actually instead of a mask I want you to give him glasses and not normal glasses glasses which has circle lenses I also want to character to have a shirt the shirt says Happy Birthday to me and the character's name is gonna be John like my name John Michael If you could do that for me I would really like it if you put my character that I made up into the uh is to DIA the next episode in by that I mean next video that you make so won't you make the next video add the character that I said that I want you to add also by the way sorry that this is really long all right I dislike your new tube channel I want you to create my character that I said and also he has blue pants by the way I want you to create that character can you please do that because if you could do that 1 of roommate the next video I would really like it I am a big fan of this video series and I would really like it if you added in the character that I said that I wanted you to add in OK good luck

    • Lou Green
      Lou Green

      I'll survive the way one more thing I need you to also add on the character by the way I also need you to add on the character let me tell you what I want else to add on the character There's also gonna be a backpack that I carry and it's a backpack and on the back of the backpack it says happy anniversary Tim Sorry that was a typo I wanted to say actually happy 10 vert anniversary It's because it's the anniversary of the series and also want you to put in the backpack he carries spray paint a lighter matches fireworks and other stuff so if you could add all of that into that character that I said I wanted you to make that would be really helpful thank you a lot

  • Reinhart Jeep
    Reinhart Jeep

    Part 2 plz

  • Florami Dedace
    Florami Dedace

    I Love Thst Melony Turns Into Beeg Melony😅😅😅. That's Just Pure Cuteness.😍😛😍.

  • Galactic Gaming
    Galactic Gaming

    I'm not sacrificing myself not am I the first

  • Abraham Olloqui
    Abraham Olloqui


  • Ismael Dorado
    Ismael Dorado

    I'm 8 hours late!! Yes, A NEW RECORD OF BEING FAST

  • Maria Maria Oliveira
    Maria Maria Oliveira


  • The real Tobi
    The real Tobi


  • Rafa Pimentel
    Rafa Pimentel

    SMG Arc

  • Bryan Vinh Nguyen (Draw-ze-Drawing)
    Bryan Vinh Nguyen (Draw-ze-Drawing)

    Why am I comparing Zero to the Lich from Adventure Time now?

  • Carlos Coelho
    Carlos Coelho

    O usb do smg 1 e 2 foi parar no brasil?

  • Charos Charos
    Charos Charos

    Next time bob should be controled by zero and smg4 has to be fully corrupted

  • Zyshonne Sky gaming 25 (GAMING 64)
    Zyshonne Sky gaming 25 (GAMING 64)

    Kanda scary but cool

  • asthxtic t3dyy
    asthxtic t3dyy

    idea for next video: mr hopps playhouse literally i will watch it forever if you do it

  • jonalyn ann reyes
    jonalyn ann reyes

    Glichy Matt

  • Seascopian Gamer
    Seascopian Gamer

    TIKY 9:50

  • Steamlant

    Fun fact. Mario in 10:20 is normal Mario before he mess whıt USB

  • Shadow moon
    Shadow moon


  • chaotixninja5

    Melony in bag form is actually adorable dood.

  • Super Nintendo furry
    Super Nintendo furry

    Only people who know what demon slayer will know what axon is doing

  • Nikoli Moon
    Nikoli Moon

    2:13 Bob was like: ok, I’m offended but ima help ya anyways cuz I’m bored

  • Jiatong  Zhang
    Jiatong Zhang

    2:37 two toads

  • Sans gamer YT
    Sans gamer YT


  • Joseph Batz
    Joseph Batz

    Well I’m guessing this is leading into a Arc!! 🙄🙄


    8:19 i want to watch it forever)))))))) (it's cute)

  • TheGoodBoi

    we went from stupid shitpost funnies to lore-based funnies over the course of like 5 or 10 years

  • BloodDragon 2019
    BloodDragon 2019

    I wonder if SMG4 is ever regenerate

  • Chris Barone
    Chris Barone

    Wow! Kinda like a home spaceship! 9:11

  • Nikoli Moon
    Nikoli Moon

    0:44 ..-.. ouch

  • BloodDragon 2019
    BloodDragon 2019

    To be honest this looks similar to doctor who series

  • Efisch Fischer AUTTP
    Efisch Fischer AUTTP

    4:48 What Source That Come From Should I Have a link for this sound

  • Alex Games YT UwU
    Alex Games YT UwU

    3:29 that moment when Chonk Melony

  • kidoaks

    9:46 My mom: Me:becomes tricky

  • Poland Animations and Coding
    Poland Animations and Coding

    are the axol and melony lil chonks available?

  • JogadorCosmico

    11:45 Come to Brazil to eat feijoada with some farofa,one SALVE from Brazil

  • kidoaks

    8:20 Me and the bois on Saturday

  • error_566

    dont trust him

  • error_566

    dont trust him

  • Jess Ralphs
    Jess Ralphs

    This was only posted last night😹😹😹😹😹

  • Kasen Daniel
    Kasen Daniel

    Screw the lore, when are we getting lil’ chunks for axol and melony

  • Isaiah Reynolds
    Isaiah Reynolds

    Mario: break dances like a pro. Others:WE HaVE to copy that?!

  • Retro Fox51_YT
    Retro Fox51_YT

    why isn't there a one-hour version of this beautiful meme? 8:18

  • Charcoal

    Content isn’t the same 😔😔

  • pwnzor

    5:41 every gacha kid comments when they see gacha heat:

  • Red Kooliad
    Red Kooliad

    Mario simp

  • Felipe Henrique chagas 64
    Felipe Henrique chagas 64

    11:46 (gasp) that thing felled into our place, IN BRAZIL!!

  • AR Films
    AR Films

    3:32 😤🥺

  • Tnt _
    Tnt _

    bro that jumpscare at the start scared the soul out of me that was unexpected goodjob smg4

  • Lords bladers
    Lords bladers

    9:50 : me : *Rap in boopeebob*

  • Shannon Revello
    Shannon Revello

    Aw good old sonic shorts Eggman dancing thing that was weird

  • Dummy 05
    Dummy 05

    3:28 SMG4 MAKE MERCH OF THIS NOW PLEASE. Edit: 8:07 This to please.

  • noname321

    So smg1 and 2 were responsible for smg3 accidentally going to the mushroom kingdom! Huge lore here!

  • Will Capellan
    Will Capellan

    Dragon ball z

  • Guyonabus

    Whatever happend to axol just drawing anime characters to life?