SMG4: 4,000,000 sub special! - The Fan Written Episode
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For this video, we let the fans dictate what happens. The results are... interesting lol.
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  • SMG4

    Get the 4 mill BEEG SMG4 hat! Only available for 10 days! 🍝: THANK YOU FOR 4,000,000 SUBS! 💕💕

    • Jordan Bustle
      Jordan Bustle

      Request if another: mario then proceeds to suck the soul out of waluigi to sacrifice the souls of idiots that support the Taco Bell cult of dihoeraea to get 10000 years of free spaghetti and then proceeds to commit child abuse to jubjub with portal chickens and Luigi gets soap from a long painful trip from brazil and fishy boopkins gets tortured by meggy with being forced to play Yahtzee for 99 hours straight and mario goes to a Walmart subway but gets locked in a freezer

    • Arvin Qatar
      Arvin Qatar

      It's 2021

    • Garo The Golden Knight
      Garo The Golden Knight

      Can you tell me the name of the song that starts at 7:17, I really need to know.

    • Bryce Pirie
      Bryce Pirie

      this is why you should leave the scripting to the professionals, not us, you guys are the professionals here.

    • Darius Kovacevich
      Darius Kovacevich

      Don't forget the snapdragon name Alex on March 6, 2021 on this video.

  • you suck
    you suck

    Seeing beeg smg4 run is adorable 😍


    7 years later and I still lose chromosomes from your vids, I love it

  • Flormaria Quinones
    Flormaria Quinones

    *B E E G*

  • hi frienD
    hi frienD

    he is very thirsty

  • sidian Slaps
    sidian Slaps

    Best forking intro ever

  • Tatty's Adventures
    Tatty's Adventures

    When it hits 5 mill he will be bong smg4

  • Aquino Francis
    Aquino Francis

    Well good for smg4 4 millon subs and he turn into a beeg smg4

  • RU the button eyed cat
    RU the button eyed cat


  • Flare the FireFox The Immortal Cross Fox
    Flare the FireFox The Immortal Cross Fox


  • Flare the FireFox The Immortal Cross Fox
    Flare the FireFox The Immortal Cross Fox

    Best way to start an episode

  • Сиджей моды
    Сиджей моды

    8:23 СССР mode on

  • Archie Cook
    Archie Cook

    im still confused about the start

  • gamebuddy 72945
    gamebuddy 72945

    4:33 4:52

  • yeet yeet
    yeet yeet

    Wheres x in this video he should have some cameos in videos

  • Super Shaggy
    Super Shaggy

    I feel like it’s a little over 10 days

  • the storm
    the storm

    I'm thirsty DO YOU HAVE ANY FOOD-Mario This makes no sense

  • Seth Boyce
    Seth Boyce

    Beeg SMG4 be like: I am SPEED

  • Iris Blankenship
    Iris Blankenship

    soviet water bottle: oh, you got me in my gulag! everyone else: *DOGPILE TIME*

  • Brandon Buitron
    Brandon Buitron

    Little do they know Steve got in Smash not Spaghetti

  • Bryson Shirley-Besley
    Bryson Shirley-Besley

    I hate myself I didn't get beeg smg4 and the hat

    • Bryson Shirley-Besley
      Bryson Shirley-Besley

      S ir

  • MemeElfman

    8:05 hello mario

  • Valley 9al
    Valley 9al

    It’s 56k now

  • E

    After this video Kars wanted to die but he cant because hes immortal eventually karses brain cells shut down and he stopped thinking

  • jenny rayment
    jenny rayment

    More sans

  • Gacha Gamer
    Gacha Gamer

    N o b r e a k i n g t h e f o u r t h w a l l , M a r i o

  • Jonas Pollock
    Jonas Pollock

    Honestly this isn’t even the weirdest episode

  • Appleback H
    Appleback H

    At 0:18 *insert sebee meme running music here*

  • Siham Siham
    Siham Siham

    2 9 2

  • LostZ Glitch
    LostZ Glitch


  • The Gamer
    The Gamer

    Can we have mario in doki doki literature club that would be hilarious

  • ThePurple1 Official
    ThePurple1 Official

    for 5 million, you should remake your first video

  • Karolina Kufel
    Karolina Kufel

    np smg btw love your vids

  • kracc bacc 2
    kracc bacc 2

    NO MORE CLONE TONIGHT! *bans mario clone* actually it was 19

  • Conner Sound
    Conner Sound

    Next million we should write our own prompts then you should do it

  • Pineapple Boi
    Pineapple Boi

    Funny thing is steve is in smash now

  • Tyler Thompson
    Tyler Thompson

    It’s hard to believe they’re only at 4k

  • shafinaz hanafiah
    shafinaz hanafiah

    The funniest part is where FM is trying to kill steve

  • Max Emmons
    Max Emmons

    "Ah, he got me in my gulag."

  • Max Emmons
    Max Emmons


  • Doomeni Fox
    Doomeni Fox


  • bon bon
    bon bon

    Beeg smg4....... Hat?

  • Michael Isaacs
    Michael Isaacs

    Beeg smg4 is honestly kinda small on the hat. Also... If there’s a beeg smg4 and SMG3 is smg4’s opposite, there has to be a smol smg3

  • Laddiewink

    I need more soviet in smg4

  • Noggbogg

    How are you so good at doing this you are my absolute favourite RSloft channels You guys are very POG!

  • Fullcourse Meal
    Fullcourse Meal

    Greatest fan fiction

  • UndertaleFan3000

    oh damn dude can't believe I missed out. it's good to see fm and ruffman back in the show again

  • adam marzec
    adam marzec

    is it just me, or is that SMG4 lookin' kinda... THICC

  • EnderMarshadow

    This all started because the spaghetti was shy.

  • Jennifer Lumiqued
    Jennifer Lumiqued

    There no sense

  • Mellow & WeeeGe Official
    Mellow & WeeeGe Official

    I like how no one is going to talk about how mario said he's thirsty but then also asks in the sentence if the guy has any food lmao

  • Swintker rektniwS
    Swintker rektniwS

    d( ̄◇ ̄)b💯ᵖᵉʳᶠᵉᶜᵗ

  • Swintker rektniwS
    Swintker rektniwS


  • Savage foox
    Savage foox

    That was the best merch plug I’ve ever seen

  • Mr Skeletone
    Mr Skeletone

    Gotta love the speed of kirb reference friendos.

  • istvan kompar
    istvan kompar

    i did not enjoy it bro my eyes are burning now

  • snom

    i love this this is amazing perfect beautiful and i did die of laughter like 5 times while watching this

  • Amir Toons
    Amir Toons

    Can you do Who let the chomp out 2021 version?

  • Joao victor Almeida
    Joao victor Almeida

    The mario with bacward colors is super very stupid all the time

  • PixelWeegeGMR

    Imagine not having sapphire plugins

  • Joseph Cambria
    Joseph Cambria

    7:28 autobots ROLL OUT!!!!!!!!!

  • Austriaball

    It's posted in my 8th birthday :D

  • EpicGamerCaden

    Smg4 in a nutshell “No copyright law in the universe is gonna stop me!”

  • Floridaball

    Ahhhh classic smg4

  • Pooey S O C C
    Pooey S O C C


  • Gabriel Ivanov
    Gabriel Ivanov


  • ilyaa

    This reminds me of the good old smg4 videos

  • Haley Gaudette
    Haley Gaudette

    6:15 oh shit M60

  • Haley Gaudette
    Haley Gaudette

    5:26 or r they. da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • CyanMario 2nd Channel
    CyanMario 2nd Channel


  • Bobby Matthew
    Bobby Matthew


  • Noel Rivera Gamez
    Noel Rivera Gamez

    Smg4 be zooming tho

  • Koda Meunier
    Koda Meunier

    10:59 I could not stop laughing at his face.

  • Cyber_ Gamer
    Cyber_ Gamer

    Is the hat still available?

  • Hell Friend
    Hell Friend

    Don't stop communism! I am communist!

  • WarMachine YT01
    WarMachine YT01

    Mario:have you got any food Cube:Nope Me:Is PoPcOrN NoT FoOd?

  • Funny Sand
    Funny Sand

    What, if I'll be SMG5? Like you and SMG3...


    0:16- 0:37 WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS SONG?? ;(

  • Little Nightmares boi
    Little Nightmares boi

    4,000,000 episode Smg4: I now have the power to become THICC

  • bjen2607

    Glad I subed

  • Copy of Lord Shaggy
    Copy of Lord Shaggy

    I am losing brain cells from this

  • reapertale sans
    reapertale sans

    Now lets get him To 5m

  • K4RD

    3:26 AYY, gran turismo noises!

  • Kyler Christensen
    Kyler Christensen

    8:55 halo 3 be like

  • I Basilio I Fnaf and Undertale UwU
    I Basilio I Fnaf and Undertale UwU

    The fact Smg4 still remembers Left For Dead 2

  • Angel Chan4440
    Angel Chan4440

    What is this song called on 8:22 ?

  • red bread 1969
    red bread 1969

    what if the space shuttle beeg smg4 was riding on was the challenger and he was the reason it exploded? just a thought.

  • Charly_gamer017

    Its good to see FM back

  • DarkStar3000

    those are veggies from veggietalesfkjrmdioduigtjnivfnhgvdkxs

  • Dylan O'Brien
    Dylan O'Brien

    My left eye is in agony

  • Adrianne Tarantino
    Adrianne Tarantino

    The begining: let's start like this! *press NUT* The beginning: GOTTA GO FAST SMG4!

  • edelson ortaliz
    edelson ortaliz

    Make Mario Fly in 45,000 in the air and die

  • UndesirableDream

    Some how Mario's clone is dumber

  • Ethan ##*#*##*
    Ethan ##*#*##*

    It only feels like yesterday we made it to 3M

  • ColinTheSavage

    6:48 we all admit that this is the best part lmao

  • dragonite 99
    dragonite 99

    What song is it at 0:17

  • Paige Sealls-Foley
    Paige Sealls-Foley

    omg :3 i cant wat

  • tom novy
    tom novy


  • Smacker Man
    Smacker Man

    how mush souls does mario have?

  • Emlif

    Beeg smg4 ran so fast he went back in time to the space shuttle days

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