SMG4: Food Wars
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The SMG4 crew have a war of EPIC & TASTY proportions.
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  • Pok3craft

    I like Chinese Food.

  • Glitchy Cringe
    Glitchy Cringe


  • Jag Bhullar
    Jag Bhullar

    what 10:51

  • pico


  • Zadkielgamer

    poor bowser he just wanted to bring chinese food to the party

  • Emiliano Morales
    Emiliano Morales

    Pizza is way better than some little piece of sugar sh*t. Maybe Tari shouldn’t have gave Meggy the candy or this would HAVE NEVER H A P P E N D

  • Rou Curiel
    Rou Curiel

    Pizza wins

  • trevoraching 1
    trevoraching 1

    NOOOoOoOoOooUUuUuUU ㅐㅏ

  • Mini Films
    Mini Films

    Meggy is being such a child

  • Esteban

    Otamanote: AAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Esteban

    SMG4 you use otamanote

  • Ernestgamer 10
    Ernestgamer 10

    Describe this video in one word: CAOS

  • grassy_erik 06
    grassy_erik 06


  • Skull Aggie Gamer
    Skull Aggie Gamer

    Pizza better lmao 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  • Helen Siah
    Helen Siah

    This Video is awesome dude so good

  • Cute Cyber Or Cyborg
    Cute Cyber Or Cyborg

    candy is actually... not good for ur teeths :/

  • churos gaming
    churos gaming

    Aww Mario vs Meggy

  • Farid Ortega
    Farid Ortega

    Healthy food is good

  • wonder xd el xx
    wonder xd el xx

    Where's Melony

  • Brian L
    Brian L

    piza is better

  • Brian L
    Brian L


  • EditGurlMoon

    I like it how bowser brings in Chinese food and Mario and meggey just charge at him xD

  • Toy Adventures
    Toy Adventures

    I like both pizza and candy🍕🍭 but sometimes the pizza gives me the farts.....

  • • ONI •
    • ONI •

    Pizza in candy are both better then just forget world war zone no

  • Real190loggedout

    1:19 is the beginning

  • mrcatt775 YT
    mrcatt775 YT

    TF2 in a nutshell

  • Steven Yestramski
    Steven Yestramski

    4:49 My Solution: GET ANOTHER FREAKING TABLE, and this war wouldn’t have happened.

  • KnockOut Boy Gaming & More
    KnockOut Boy Gaming & More

    Girls dreams: oh my gosh I kissed my crush Boys dreams: 6:28


    Dude meggy is getting sooo angreir😦😦😦

  • todela hasu ninje
    todela hasu ninje

    TF2 intensifies

  • James Wright
    James Wright

    Why not candy pizza sweet and savory

  • New pass studio 64
    New pass studio 64

    Imagine you could bring a tank

  • Gamer Sonic75 /James sonic
    Gamer Sonic75 /James sonic

    Pizza pizzapizza

  • the memeist
    the memeist


  • Chinyere Chukwuka
    Chinyere Chukwuka

    Vitamin C is more better

  • Glitchyboi

    7:30 yaaaaay imma get diabetes:D

  • Glitchyboi

    Good contentttttttttttt boiiiissssss

  • Jajaisabeast

    Spy: backstabs demo knights medic Demo knight: so you have chosen death... 11:15

  • Cherisse Ingram
    Cherisse Ingram

    12:28 when mom and dad find out you did not do your homework:

  • Golden

    They're fighting peach because she's on team meatloaf

  • David Rojas
    David Rojas

    And then they r ganna die

  • David Rojas
    David Rojas

    The smg4 chraters r ganna get diebetes

  • TutorialData112

    Please part 2 of this And meggy's team and Mario's team Are still fighting

  • ThyJohann

    o em gee shokugeki no souma

  • Joshua Harrison
    Joshua Harrison

    Can they like share the table

  • kai Chisaki
    kai Chisaki

    "yeYeEyE YeYEYyE Im GoNnA GEt DiABetEs

  • wyatt thien
    wyatt thien

    i like Chinese food:(

  • Lourdes James
    Lourdes James

    Kkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkdjdjjxkidkdodddkddkmddkddfmfjfjmfjfjmdjfjfmfckfkffkfkffkfkffmflccmcmcvmccckcckcckcckkkfkkfkfkfkfkfkfmk!fm!fm!fmfmkcmfmmfkmfkkfkfmfkdkc ck sincerely John I get it tomorrow if you vishvhaa yhhjhhhghh you vishvhaa I think I get it to you vishvhaa yhhjhhhghh you want it tomorrow and get back with a Good Life CARE TO be a good IDEA you want TO BE THERE ARE AND I CAN get back home and get Back with a few things I get a chance to look at my schedule to see what the next steps

  • Juppy Alayu
    Juppy Alayu

    Tedzaster has joined the video

  • Airlangga Arya Dewa
    Airlangga Arya Dewa

    Smg4 means The S super mlthe m Mario the g glitchy and the 4

  • Terraria Guy
    Terraria Guy

    2:14 Sometimes the voice lines confuse me. "You CAN eat candy, Meggy!"

  • Verr Tito
    Verr Tito

    Haha vietnam war be like helicopter with chicken missile an anti-air candy 🍬

  • Verr Tito
    Verr Tito

    As a russian marine what the freak is this if i was in the food fight i will bring a russian helicopter that can shoots chicken missile

  • Gabe Rod
    Gabe Rod

    We can settle this by putting the cant on the pizza

    • Gabe Rod
      Gabe Rod


  • Brian G
    Brian G

    11:18 the circle of life but the pitch is going up

  • Brian G
    Brian G

    11:18 an airplane be like

  • Ricified


  • {king crewmate}
    {king crewmate}


  • CornMan

    10:52 what the frick is that screaming sfx actually called. My life is so humdrum right now and I need the name of it. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  • CloudRulez95 Zail
    CloudRulez95 Zail

    And pizza prevents you from getting mouth cancer

  • Luis Mario Ojeda
    Luis Mario Ojeda

    3:06 Paper Mario Origami King Music of the Temple of Yellow Streamer. :|

  • Thierno Sow
    Thierno Sow

    I am team PIZZA ITSLION

  • Lightning Hawk
    Lightning Hawk


  • Luca 11.3
    Luca 11.3

    What‘s about 4K

  • Saskia Bentz
    Saskia Bentz

    Recommended:) What star clan cats really do

  • Ansel Alano Radithya
    Ansel Alano Radithya

    Bazzoka is like PANZERSCHRECK

  • Ansel Alano Radithya
    Ansel Alano Radithya

    (Austrian screams)

  • eram naseem
    eram naseem


  • eram naseem
    eram naseem


  • Brandon Perez
    Brandon Perez

    His name isn't Mario its red plumber

  • Jon Abello
    Jon Abello

    How did you had the ottamatone

  • Holly Becker
    Holly Becker

    Wow They are so rich they have an otamatone

  • asfandyar khan
    asfandyar khan

    SMG4 with a Ottoman

  • hong tran
    hong tran


  • A n i m e Editor
    A n i m e Editor

    3 years ago

  • Ėńéõ ĞǎƎƎįùɡ
    Ėńéõ ĞǎƎƎįùɡ

    the first time he uses sullyg's otamatone.

  • Clayton Worrall
    Clayton Worrall

    Fishy boobkins and zack zack:yay im gonna get diabetes Luigi what lost his teeth:are you shore about that.

  • RobloxKidGaming

    Me: looks at my stack of pizzas just acople more to go

  • Sharon Sheerin
    Sharon Sheerin

    well peach did say no parties she didn’t say no food fights so i think they are good

  • Nam Chara
    Nam Chara


  • moderator ashes
    moderator ashes


  • Swifty Playz_
    Swifty Playz_

    Bo beep boop bap

  • Swifty Playz_
    Swifty Playz_

    Beep bo bop

  • Jiménez Batista César Andrés
    Jiménez Batista César Andrés


  • Thiccdoggo Doggo
    Thiccdoggo Doggo

    Mario x meggy 12:14

  • Hendrix Miles
    Hendrix Miles

    I see so much space for both the pizza and candy, why not share the table

  • All Things G
    All Things G

    1:23 is that a JoJo reference???

  • LJ’s Yt channel
    LJ’s Yt channel

    Mario: pizza Meggy: candy Bowser: Chinese food

  • Nobody Yup just nobody
    Nobody Yup just nobody

    P I z z a ?

  • Adan Bahena
    Adan Bahena

    Pizza Granada? Wow

  • Jan Širmer
    Jan Širmer

    oops i exploded the hosue accidently hehe.... 10:24

  • Alfie Greenwood
    Alfie Greenwood

    She didn’t say anything about all nighters

  • Shusji

    the cycle will continue

  • Almeidanicosouza 1234
    Almeidanicosouza 1234

    "wait This guys have infinity ammo"? "Aways has been

  • XxfinityGamingxX

    Mario:and then the pizza will be number one! Me: actually... Candy's and pizza are good.

  • izgoy 666
    izgoy 666

    Its tf2 ?

  • Hank J.
    Hank J.

    Pumpkie and candy

  • Nassief Agar
    Nassief Agar

    i like pizza

  • George Aguero
    George Aguero

    12:06-12:16 Mario And Meggy Hands Together Top S Tier Baby!!❤️X🧡♾

  • jeino_ Plays
    jeino_ Plays

    Lel xD they want to party xD

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