SMG4: If Mario Was In Meta Runner
We get a look at what Meta Runner would be like if it was completely SMG4-ified 🤡
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  • SMG4

    META RUNNER SEASON 2 IS OUT NOW! 👉 Thank you guys for watching. We put so much effort into the new season of Meta Runner 🥺

    • Nikolina Đukanovic
      Nikolina Đukanovic


    • Jaden Rohan
      Jaden Rohan

      @Elliott Lucian Trying it out now. Looks to be working.

    • Darius Kovacevich
      Darius Kovacevich

      I love it

    • Wicak Nurcahyo
      Wicak Nurcahyo

      This remain me of the original meta runner but it's meme I like Duckie too tari

    • Will C
      Will C

      @Alex Doloriert bro smg4 is 2 boys doing DUM ANIMATIONS

  • FTBG. Incorporated
    FTBG. Incorporated

    Meta runner on a ten dollar budget be like

  • Akuma X
    Akuma X

    Metarunner episode 1 on crack

  • Dixie Reilly
    Dixie Reilly

    Why does everyone as t the tari plush

  • Roberta Freeman
    Roberta Freeman


  • Roberta Freeman
    Roberta Freeman

    I just realized If theo was replaced with mario.. That's why Theo was based off mario!

  • Roberta Freeman
    Roberta Freeman

    1:31 rayman?!

  • Roberta Freeman
    Roberta Freeman

    1:24 except for ripoffs or stolen ads (Bob's World refrence)

  • Roberta Freeman
    Roberta Freeman

    0:00 what about season 3? no story I know has a bad ending

    • Roberta Freeman
      Roberta Freeman

      video games don't count

  • Nerv

    they edited this with meggy voice now :o

  • ClubFan2000 By NobleUra
    ClubFan2000 By NobleUra

    Meta Runner except it is funny.

  • Epicgamer102 E
    Epicgamer102 E

    i just finished watching both season of meta runner

  • NovaBearBear

    You gonna have Mario in Sunset Paradise?

  • Mig Chz
    Mig Chz

    Bob looking for an excuse in court because he pulled over an innociont person who looked like his drug dealer: UHH.... TINTED WINDOWS!

  • Xboxhaslag _69
    Xboxhaslag _69

    Meta runner season 1 in a nutshell

  • Nick Bison
    Nick Bison

    5:42 T I N T E N D E D W I N D O W S

  • skeletalsuperhero31 [crossbones]
    skeletalsuperhero31 [crossbones]

    me introducing people to hell: 3:30

  • KingCodfish2378

    Mario eyes legit every single time < _ >

  • Djairo Lesire | LLN
    Djairo Lesire | LLN

    shroomie is the imposter! he killed infront of me!

  • Informatyka TK7
    Informatyka TK7


  • Nathan Ries
    Nathan Ries

    Meta Runner in a nutshell

  • Mig Chz
    Mig Chz

    "Mom, can I please watch Metarunner?" "Don't be silly, that show is to violent. You should watch this instead!" *Mario in Metarunner*

  • Juanito Inkocto
    Juanito Inkocto

    I was thinking, since season 2 has ended a few months ago, when they'll do the "If Mario was in Meta Runner 2" cause of the season 2, maybe they'll use some characters replacing others for the 2, but weren't in this one, like: Bowser or Heavy = Marco Saiko = Evelyn E. Gadd = Doctor Sheridan Human Desti = Lucinia It's my theory for that future video, I dunno if you people think the same as me

  • Lil’ Red Crewmate
    Lil’ Red Crewmate

    *Mario has left the server*

  • TYPEK r
    TYPEK r

    Imagine I he woud be in the actual series that woud be EPIC

  • Sonic The Hegohed gaming
    Sonic The Hegohed gaming

    omg1 ! is f**K FUNKIN

  • blazingG30

    Abridged season 1 Okey

  • Bladexon Ch.
    Bladexon Ch.

    im at 3:44 is this a "If mario was in meta runner" or "If tari was in mario"??? is this suppoused to explain why tari es in smg4 universe??? xD

  • Bladexon Ch.
    Bladexon Ch.

    1:46 holy fock, even i felt the hit, i had de volume very high xDDDD

  • Justa Pancake
    Justa Pancake

    7:45 EXCUSA ME BUT WHAT THE HELL IS THAT NEXT TO BOOPKINS On his left IF IT IS WHAT I THINK IT IS Jesus Christ Oh help me god Edit: I watched a bit later and it is WTH

  • Steven Yestramski
    Steven Yestramski

    Make If Mario was in Meta Runner 2 please now that season 2 is over. Alternative titles: -Meta Runner Simplified -Meta Runner in a Nutshell

  • Mr Szarnyasi
    Mr Szarnyasi

    A while series in one episode

  • Racing Beast
    Racing Beast

    This is basically meta runner in a nutshell

  • Ewa Zarembska
    Ewa Zarembska

    Please release season 3

  • JustADot

    If Tari sped run life:

  • μαρια κεσσιδου
    μαρια κεσσιδου

    Make a part 2 for season 2


    I saw Alyx Vance 8:25

  • wolf aqil asyraaf
    wolf aqil asyraaf

    This is season 1 right?

  • SJ Youtube
    SJ Youtube

    Meta runner:Netflix adaptation

  • gonzalo cabrera
    gonzalo cabrera

    i don't believe it because Tari remember the dream

  • Donna Pursell
    Donna Pursell


  • GTV!

    What is the music after mario says WELCOME TO BRAZILLLLLLLLLLLLL lol

  • Ershat Ibrahim
    Ershat Ibrahim

    how they walkd xD

  • Neon mental
    Neon mental

    Sorry smg4 I can't afford Your Plushys And shirts my mom doesn't have money on her card

  • Ethan Witzel
    Ethan Witzel

    Legend says Tari is stuck in the mario world with smg4 and friends

  • Saksang Ku
    Saksang Ku

    Among us play its own game

  • Naresh Sharma
    Naresh Sharma

    Meta Runner In A Nutshell

  • Mark Chappell
    Mark Chappell

    You should make a part 2 of season 2

  • Exel Tahanora
    Exel Tahanora

    Part 2 If Mario in meta runner

  • TheTopatfan

    ok now we need if mario was in meta walker

  • Tan bros Stitch & Yoshi bot
    Tan bros Stitch & Yoshi bot

    3:22 4:23 4:24

  • Yeeh Nope
    Yeeh Nope

    Wait, so in "If Mario was in Meta Runner Season 2" Shroomy or whatever is just gonna kill Bob.

  • ThePurple1 Official
    ThePurple1 Official

    T I N T E D W I N D O W S

  • daniel manassa
    daniel manassa

    bro literally explained season one in thirt5een minutes im dead

  • NotspaceyFN

    3:36. 🤔

  • super sonic the hedgehog
    super sonic the hedgehog


  • InkyDawg Gamez
    InkyDawg Gamez

    The orgins of: Mario

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales

    0:28 this sounds like GoAnimate

  • Insanebruh

    Welcome to Brazil *You have been mistaken for our country to be scary. But no, it's fun here*

  • Ponyverse 14
    Ponyverse 14

    So actually this is Meta Runners but in a nutshell.

  • gato loco Gameplays
    gato loco Gameplays

    Welcome to Brazil ? I am from Brazil

  • SomeRandomKidYT

    Alternate Title : Meta Runner In A Nutshell

  • XboxOneWarrior700


  • sans 333
    sans 333

    After i saw anime on the car "taht must be spike's car"

  • Nixon Masih
    Nixon Masih

    This would of actually been so cool

  • Jammy Nugget
    Jammy Nugget

    If you want to summarise SMG4 in one quote "You'd better not leak my nudes or the mushroom gets it!"

  • Soimon

    Smg4 tari speedran life

  • Kings World Live
    Kings World Live

    is mario supposed to be theo and meggy sofia and bob lux?

  • Bluestoneklutz

    I love yow their parodying their own show

  • oso poderoso
    oso poderoso

    Alternativa title:meta runer lowbudge

  • Crisleo Jr. Mangampo
    Crisleo Jr. Mangampo


  • Crisleo Jr. Mangampo
    Crisleo Jr. Mangampo


  • Monster guy lol
    Monster guy lol

    5:50 hatsune miku

  • iplayroblox yaido
    iplayroblox yaido

    meta runner in a nutshell

  • adam marzec
    adam marzec

    Meta Runner in a nutshell

  • TehOneAndOnlyyy

    “Oh no, I’m a DED” -*Mario has left the server*

  • TheOrangeKitten_Cat

    When I saw boopkins in the car I did this in rl wooo

    • TheOrangeKitten_Cat

      I think

  • TheOrangeKitten_Cat

    I thought it would be a new story but it’s pretty much te same but bootleg

  • TheOrangeKitten_Cat

    1. I thought I commented on this vid already and 2. Cwoasovwer

  • Xander Vogel
    Xander Vogel

    This is just Meta Runner, SMG4 edition

  • Robert Selley
    Robert Selley

    6:21 If Swag found out he got replaced. Swag: How dare you SMG4, I should make that cameo instead of that thing with a tv for a stomach. (The reason I typed this was I was a meme on Reddit and It was about Swag in "Mario Prison Escape" when he just spelled his bazooka once he got it out. And in Meta Runner, that Tascorp Worker did the very same!)

    • Robert Selley
      Robert Selley

      Who ever noticed this and put it on Reddit, you are amazing

  • ij roblox and vr
    ij roblox and vr

    Meta runner is awesome

  • a true jedi
    a true jedi

    me: mom can we have meta runner? mom: no we have meta runner at home. meta runner at home.

  • a true jedi
    a true jedi

    what happend to self driving cars 2:10

  • a true jedi
    a true jedi

    mario invades iraq

  • idk

    6:09 *HARRY NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!*

  • Eric

    This is just meta runner in a nutshell

  • vinko3000

    pourquoi elle a le swit alort que normalement elle l'a appre

  • Gynny Clefison Martins Freitas
    Gynny Clefison Martins Freitas

    Yptbr of the meta runner

  • ruman962

    i hate meta runner

  • Tyler Malinowski
    Tyler Malinowski

    meta runner seson 1

  • SaiPlayzMinecraft&Roblox

    gay lives matter

  • Lewis Gabbitas
    Lewis Gabbitas

    Swag: **screw call of duty** Ctpn John price (call of duty character): bravo six going dark Edit: names


    can you make a part 2

  • Lanii

    Am I the only the one seeing the word dislike under the dislike icon?

  • Keping Wang
    Keping Wang

    The video: 30% actually has mario 70% tari screaming

  • monke gaming
    monke gaming

    2:30 tari strong

  • Emmanuel Zambrano
    Emmanuel Zambrano

    uhh i think Luigi has his nose and pingas switched

  • Mega Mig Gamer
    Mega Mig Gamer

    11:59 lol, im laugh very much

  • savageocto83

    6:53 meggy bel like;kick their asses

    • savageocto83

      Also why is meggy yellow instead of orange?

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