SMG4: Mario's Bed and Breakfast
While Meggy is away, Mario and Bob decide to turn her house into a hotel...
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  • SMG4

    MEGGY'S NEW ANIMATED SHOW IS OUUUUUUTTT 👉 GO WATCH IT GO GO GO GO (also hope you enjoyed this ep!)

    • Ruben Mata
      Ruben Mata


    • Myonen

      Plz try to make it so that bad language is not here plz

    • Amir Hossein Mosavi
      Amir Hossein Mosavi

      Are those guys FGTeeV

    • Tina


    • Michael Owen
      Michael Owen

      NB BN

  • EJ

    Can we appreciate the Ender’s Game reference

  • Harry Dubé-Flamand
    Harry Dubé-Flamand


  • Anaid Graves
    Anaid Graves

    Who remembers Smg4's old intro?

  • Professor Domme
    Professor Domme

    6:16 that sign is German lol

  • Lunatic Cultist
    Lunatic Cultist

    What happened to the cat smg4

  • Gabs YT!
    Gabs YT!

    i like how smg4 went to brazil lol

  • Lazaro Richards
    Lazaro Richards

    Poor Whimpu he needs a upgrade

  • Jessica Moreno
    Jessica Moreno

    I like Bob he is awesome if he was real he would be my friend


    cuando el modo karen se activa : su servicio es el peor el otro bla bla bla en el minuto 4:18


    cuando el modo karen se activa : su servicio es el peor el otro bla bla bla en el minuto 4:18

  • tracy miller
    tracy miller

    3:58 secret photos but they are revealed to little children

  • Jan-Luca Overdick
    Jan-Luca Overdick

    1:32 i love this part with nice nice *click click* nice nininice

  • Cedric Angeles
    Cedric Angeles

    SMG4 look kinda sad I see him look sad that nobody come at him and visit him :( I hope someone cheer him up... Finally someone cheer him up :D

  • nancy Hernandez
    nancy Hernandez

    You going to B R A Z I L! 0:50

  • R U V
    R U V


  • hayden onofrey
    hayden onofrey

    i fell bad for smg4 for not getting fans :(

  • jamie mcauley
    jamie mcauley

    Smg4 plz use your god powers to destroy this voucher scam ad

  • David King
    David King

    I also would had come to smg4`s meet and greet too

  • David King
    David King

    Weegee nastay and thats bad

  • tails doll de Sonic R
    tails doll de Sonic R

    Love SMG4 ❤️👈☺️

  • Batman Robin
    Batman Robin

    4:30 Bob has saved us all

  • Am pro Pro
    Am pro Pro

    This was my child hood lol

  • R162A 1 Train Productions Gaming & More
    R162A 1 Train Productions Gaming & More

    5:47 What Happened To Tari??

  • Irmãos Nogueira
    Irmãos Nogueira

    You: trying to help me in a hotel me: 4:18

  • Gerardo Beltran
    Gerardo Beltran

    I heard a person say Senpai when he gets mad he gets his demon out of his body that’s senpai

  • Gerardo Beltran
    Gerardo Beltran

    How can you buy the little Maggie plush that you were holding

  • RandyFz

    11:17 BRUh that reference tho

  • corrupt skid games 2021
    corrupt skid games 2021

    English SMG4 comes to Brasil Portuguese SMG4 vai pro brasil

  • dani santana
    dani santana

    4:00 xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • Monkiasingz

    Hey i wonder, what if meggy comes back after vaction?

  • Jest

    The best part of the episode imo is that Bob and Mario actually managed to create a good business and they don't screw it up at all. only after they're attacked do things escalate

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse

    Melony be sleepen

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo

    4:21 omg not a Karen Great vids :)

  • Ares Salazar
    Ares Salazar

    Meggy was very cute when she was a baby why are they making fun of her

  • Ares Salazar
    Ares Salazar

    I would go to the smg4 meet and greet

  • Luke Nelson
    Luke Nelson


  • kaden young
    kaden young

    Who does meggy's voice it's beautiful

  • Betelhem H
    Betelhem H

    it was funny make a cartoon cat won

  • Precious Rumi C. Dulce
    Precious Rumi C. Dulce


  • Wolfgang Wasson
    Wolfgang Wasson

    Please add bugsnax

  • Ainslie Arnell
    Ainslie Arnell


  • Juan Agredano
    Juan Agredano

    9:25 Hey Guyyyyyyyyyyys Looks Sounds King Kong 2005 Roar Let's Do This Guys Comment Time

  • A Idiot
    A Idiot

    Hey smg4 who wins buff isabelle or buff carl

  • Abraham Tesfamariam
    Abraham Tesfamariam

    Alt title: mario's *bedfast*

  • 2021.7.53 Dhafi Zahran Farasha
    2021.7.53 Dhafi Zahran Farasha

    I like how mario is nice to meggy and crap to others, but yea we all know mario has been with meggy for 4-5 years and in it is just wacky adventure since meggy just follows mario for some reason HA

  • Erick Lucio
    Erick Lucio

    Man he really lost his prime

  • m m
    m m


  • TRolliskelet-0FF

    Luigi peeking behind the mirror in the middle xd 6:01

  • Salisha Morris
    Salisha Morris

    why was boss of youtube in there!?!.!?

  • Salisha Morris
    Salisha Morris


  • j_and_i2020

    Mario might be dumb but he cares (not being rude to Mario)

  • Pure Imaginator
    Pure Imaginator

    Nice video guys Any chance we could get sonic the derphog back in the future?

  • gime30


  • Chris Manahan
    Chris Manahan

    9:43 more like your haters i hope smg4 is ok after getting beaten up by 20 hotel critics lol

  • Bluexles

    4:45 mario's bob and breakfast. Wait wha-


    0:50 smg4 gose to brazil

  • ልሁዪጎር ᖽᐸᖇᖻSᗩᒪᓰS
    ልሁዪጎር ᖽᐸᖇᖻSᗩᒪᓰS

    6:21 *i think its because i don't give a shit?*

  • Alfie Greenwood
    Alfie Greenwood

    I think meggy is best of oc’s in all of the world she is amazing and will give anyone some help

  • Shane Anderton
    Shane Anderton


  • Samuel pinho Silva Pinho Silva
    Samuel pinho Silva Pinho Silva

    Jesus Christ Bookins and just a child 10:47

  • Shane Anderton
    Shane Anderton

    mario becomes very serious when meggy is involved FRIEND

  • Vivian Lezamal
    Vivian Lezamal


  • Samuel pinho Silva Pinho Silva
    Samuel pinho Silva Pinho Silva

    That was Lovely from mario

  • SupersotoLive

    that O H Y E A killed me

  • Sean

    Does anyone know what theme song is playing at 4:04? In the video it's such a banger and I wanna listen to it.

  • Dafni Cortes
    Dafni Cortes

    Hobo 2 made me laugh so hard! 🤣😂

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees

    8:53 that was actually very heart touching...

  • Molly Lounmala
    Molly Lounmala


  • T-posing Showa Godzilla
    T-posing Showa Godzilla

    10:46 lol Boopkins

  • palyau gaming
    palyau gaming

    pyro 6:04

  • NSEW All Directions
    NSEW All Directions

    4:18 Karen time

  • Keegan Johnson
    Keegan Johnson

    Lol funniest thing ever 😂 3:56

  • Maxwell Murphy
    Maxwell Murphy

    Just call the doom man instead of do dat

  • Jeremy the alien
    Jeremy the alien

    Mateo fatty

  • Bkaqu

    6:10 lol like the reference

  • Miguel Angel Gámez
    Miguel Angel Gámez


  • David Wright
    David Wright

    Carl Weezer is amazing

  • chris Aidel
    chris Aidel

    SMG4: feeling alone me: looking at him suffer

  • Belén Gutierrez Alvarez
    Belén Gutierrez Alvarez

    lol yo hablo español xd

  • Ethan Murgatroyd
    Ethan Murgatroyd

    Why u make hat kid weird

  • Maddox Caudill
    Maddox Caudill

    What app do you use to edit this for youtube

  • Cyan Blue
    Cyan Blue

    1:32.. *I regret life and wish i knew how to tie a noose*

  • VitoPlayz

    4:18 Makes me Laugh

  • Gerardo Gamer 2.0
    Gerardo Gamer 2.0

    5:47 MY NAME IS JEFF

  • RarestRanger320 memer
    RarestRanger320 memer

    Right . . . Game ._.

  • vincenzo pitzianti
    vincenzo pitzianti

    me: opens mcdonald food cockroaches: n o i c e

  • Keyanna psychic fox
    Keyanna psychic fox

    3:19 my favorite candy!!😋

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    7:55 pillow fight

  • Mickey the Mouse
    Mickey the Mouse

    XD cuphead jummed of rof

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    5:07 e x p a n d

  • Stratton

    10:57 NGL that is kinda cute

  • emilita mendoza
    emilita mendoza


  • Dillon Carbone
    Dillon Carbone

    whats the music used at 5:15

  • ឃួន សុវណ្ណអធិភូ
    ឃួន សុវណ្ណអធិភូ

    Hold on does that two kids almost corrupted

  • Marc the tf2 scout
    Marc the tf2 scout

    Whats the music at 7:40

  • Chewsia Liew
    Chewsia Liew

    the icecream being thrown reminds me Beebo , Robot 64.

  • VEGA PRODUCTIONS [-_-]watermark
    VEGA PRODUCTIONS [-_-]watermark

    The older version of the video used to show Luigi saying oh yeah but now it’s just the audio

  • Alejandro Alhambra Bautista
    Alejandro Alhambra Bautista

    💔❤️📕📕🚘🩸🧨🧨❤️💔🧨🩸🚘👹👺hello ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰😍 y love RSloft

  • David Pisi-Leu
    David Pisi-Leu

    I wana chase children with samurai sowrds