SMG4: Mario's Corn Trip
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  • Angel lucky Chan
    Angel lucky Chan

    If you cook corn it will be popcorn

  • Bautista Lopez
    Bautista Lopez

    Me diste una vez pero me lo volví a decir pero mamá como siempre la tablet y tuve que reiniciarlo por eso que se fue se fue el alcarajo se fue encima de todo es que está muy Cheto

  • M4 B8
    M4 B8

    The perfect company doesn’t exi- “Steve’s organic corn” Stole by daily dose of memes

  • Hamster Gamez
    Hamster Gamez

    Poor rob

  • Santana Payton
    Santana Payton

    What why did he kiss old man

  • HyperYellow

    *I am the corn man, my corn is delicious*



  • ZiqPlayz

    Well bob is the best guy in smg4

  • Edrian Wilson
    Edrian Wilson

    6:50 im dead lol

  • SJ Youtube
    SJ Youtube

    Van go brrrrrrr

  • Makiya Jones
    Makiya Jones

    *excuse me, can can I have a bowl full of corn please?*

  • Mrdoodle 15
    Mrdoodle 15

    Solaire being there was amazing

  • Justa Pancake
    Justa Pancake

    Rob: Come down today and eat some corn or we will sacrifice your *-ñęwbørñ-*

  • C 5
    C 5

    Poggers POG champ bob won

  • C 5
    C 5

    Guardian tales? Nah, garden warfare

  • Samuel Church
    Samuel Church

    Why is Mario in the title and on the thumbnail? He isn't in most of the episode.

  • Ivo Robotnik gamer
    Ivo Robotnik gamer

    Where gabeN

  • Overseer Eros
    Overseer Eros

    4:37 My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.

  • MrWildcard531

    Is there a compilation of how many times Bob's ovaries got destroyed?

  • EmmaJamie Cordina
    EmmaJamie Cordina

    Bob x rob= the most best BFFs I've ever seen!

  • EmmaJamie Cordina
    EmmaJamie Cordina

    Poor Bob his parents never loved him :(

  • Bryan Moser
    Bryan Moser

    SMG4 i have been watching you my whole life you have encouraged me to make RSloft videos and I've just created my account today because of you you encouraged me so much and my family thank you

  • Persona Plays
    Persona Plays

    Mario goes to Zardy's maze

  • El lobo Samurai
    El lobo Samurai

    i miss toad in trips episodes

  • TravisRenegade XB1
    TravisRenegade XB1

    Hell yeah take me home country roads cover by Bob and Rob

  • TheOrangeKitten_Cat


  • kadri erkal
    kadri erkal

    Kerem erkal 8

  • Summer Snyder
    Summer Snyder

    Hey smga4 why dose no one likes Bob?

  • Taxfoo

    why did i stop watching here..

  • a true jedi
    a true jedi

    for one marios was not part of this EP

  • a true jedi
    a true jedi

    i had a nightmare where Mario made a clone of him self and got soo attach to it he shared his spegeti with it then they ate so much spegeti they got so fat they exploded the castle then they got bigger spegeti a meat ball fell on me and mario picked me up i was scared he was gonna eat me luigi saved me then then we talked about how we were gonna beat them while we were talking the news channel came on and the news guy said that 2 fat asses just killed godzilla and kingkong the news guy was swag by the way then the US military and NATO where deployed to kill the mario and the clone after that me and luigi i ran to the city where we saw mario and the clone dancing and laughing and destroying buildinds then i saw steve playing with a chicken mario steped on the chicken while dancing witch pissed off steve then steve turned into jotaro with blue shirt and brown pants then he use chicken platinum to ORA the shit out of marios clone face after that clone mario slaped steve taro out the air then he fell into a coma para meddics were dispach to him and he went to the hospital after that me a luigi took a elevator to a roof of a tall building then he gave me a RPG and we shot clone marios nose to gather clone marios dies then mario all sad then he gets pissed at me and luigi for killing hic clone then outa no where filthy frank and his side kick pink guy and beated up roasted and made mario loose all the weight by making him run so long he threw up all the fatness me and luigi then saw jesus in the sky watching this happen then he saw us looking at him and he said OOPS the disapered me and lugi said thank you to filthy frank and pink guy and they said your welcome and before filthy frank and pink guy left pink guy gave me poket reveloli then left me and luigi jumped off the building and parashooted in the sky then mario said sorry luigi and huged him then luigi put on a blue bandana and yelled HE WEARING RED CUZ and shot marios leg then mario BHAT BYCO BATH BHOT BE BLOOD then mario got up pulled out a glock and got in a gun fite with luigi after that NATO and the US military and the mushrom kingdom police force started shooting them after that me mario and luigi went to a air port and then mario put on a hijab and muslim clothes and then straped a bomb to his chest luigi got a AK47 and me i was stuk with a M1911 then we went counter strike mode litterly me mario and luigi went into another part of the air port in witch mario i got a text saying your on the terrorist team then i saw in dream camra mode the enimy side the CS then we all went to a bomb site mario planted the bomb while me and luigi and random terriost were gaurding the bomb it was hard the CS were coming every where then filthy frank and pink guy and steve taro came out of no where and were just about to stop us before they touch us the bomb exsploded then i woke up. THE END

  • Eric Rautio
    Eric Rautio

    11:33 With how he acts most of the time it's sometimes hard to remember that Bob is a freaking shadow ninja with swords for hands and one of the hardest enemies to fight in Majora's Mask, and then he pulls off something like this.

  • OO

    Doctor: Your not healthy Bob: *SMOKES BROCCOLI* im healthy

  • BoofHeadBrit

    I can’t unsee Yoda Kira

  • GameTuber

    *bob wins the game for rob* i knew that bob cared about others!!!


    + WOW they're off 2 see corn better than Brocolli lik Drugs!


    Rob and Bob R Friends Now 4 Then

  • Jamie Crabb
    Jamie Crabb

    Come today and try some corn or we will seacrafic your new born AAAAAAHHHHHH

  • Ronald Gaming
    Ronald Gaming

    No wonder guardian tales keeps recommended me

  • Charles-Henric Elorde
    Charles-Henric Elorde

    Best ending ever xd

  • Tracie Cooley
    Tracie Cooley

    Mario 35th

  • Ruv

    Hi bros wanna rap

  • tae jun pak
    tae jun pak

    Bob the fruit ninja

  • Dingo Starr
    Dingo Starr


  • kane manville
    kane manville

    I love cron

  • Hi hi hi hi hi
    Hi hi hi hi hi

    0:37 😂 200 feces

  • imrealpinecone299 Harrison
    imrealpinecone299 Harrison

    f for rob rip XDlol

  • Patricia Fuentes
    Patricia Fuentes

    ¡I lOvE cOrN!

  • Dragoon Dragoonavich
    Dragoon Dragoonavich

    lo lol lol bob is the best

  • Mosa Matsaung
    Mosa Matsaung

    I so happy when rob and bob get along

  • TheThrilledOOF

    This Is Like Pizza Delivery From Spongebob :D

  • Travis Djuhana
    Travis Djuhana

    2:37 he mentioned that his parents didn't love him. It's also implied that he doesn't look back fondly of the events of the Rapper Bob arc.

  • h

    Guardian tales? ... I PLAYED THAT GAME! ...until I got bored of it

  • The Chaos Legion Resistance
    The Chaos Legion Resistance

    i like how this is called marios corn trip, but mario doesnt appear until the end lol

  • AK47

    But dragon fury is not workink like that 2:10

  • THE good doggo
    THE good doggo

    Meggy heard bob and roasted bob When was the last time your parents Called you

  • Speedrunner_ Soot
    Speedrunner_ Soot

    The Thumbnail Corn Pretty Sure Is A Reference To PvZ 1 Cob Cannon .

  • Duck Æ
    Duck Æ

    I died when rob explosd at the end

  • That be Spook
    That be Spook

    I like how mario is in the the name and thumbnail except for being In it for like 3 seconds

  • hamster sauerstoff
    hamster sauerstoff

    corn is heltier than brokoli

  • punl0rd

    The Wwhole True King: K E T C H U P

  • Adrianne Tarantino
    Adrianne Tarantino


  • Christian Vincent Costanilla
    Christian Vincent Costanilla

    If Mario and SMG4 crew in FNAF 4

  • Christian Vincent Costanilla
    Christian Vincent Costanilla

    If Mario was in fnaf 4

  • Shee Vanoos
    Shee Vanoos

    I absolutely love the Yoshikage Yoda

  • The queen of the wolfs
    The queen of the wolfs

    This looks like a movie!!

  • Evantgse Gaming
    Evantgse Gaming

    The flamethrower. Steve is using shoots a ball of fire and does not spray fire it has a lot damage but is the worst flamethrower I have used in tf2

  • Smec salty Miner
    Smec salty Miner

    I want a full version of rob and bob singing country roads

  • JesusGamer

    Make subtitles in spanish plis

  • Unlucky

    Nice title change there Luke...

  • YouTube police
    YouTube police

    man its good to see bob getting so soft right now

  • hgny yngh
    hgny yngh

    7:32 ravioli, ravioli, give me the batteryoli

  • The Ivory Guy
    The Ivory Guy

    I want this kind of friendship.

  • Sean Michael Dabu
    Sean Michael Dabu


  • Olivia Morgan
    Olivia Morgan

    Who else fav characters bob and that corn dude

  • e e
    e e

    Yoshikage kira 4:36 epik

  • Daniel The Guy With a Not Creative Name.
    Daniel The Guy With a Not Creative Name.

    Uh... Mate, I think you should change the thumbnail and name of the video because Mario appears for less than 10 seconds in the video.

  • Some Idiot the internet
    Some Idiot the internet

    Luke I don’t think this name change was needed you should just change it back and please stop putting Mario in every video title and thumbnail

  • Some Google User
    Some Google User

    Fun fact: The texture for Bob's robe and eyes is taken from Super Smash Bros. Melee, where R.O.B. (the robot) wears this robe. Rob's (*C O R N*) name could possibly be inspired by R.O.B. the Robot... Unless SMG4 randomly finds a rhyming name.

  • Battery Burglar
    Battery Burglar

    4:26 they're singing diggy diggy hole

  • Jesaiah Luntungan
    Jesaiah Luntungan

    Nuclear corn

  • Katzendämon Nr.3 mit umlaut
    Katzendämon Nr.3 mit umlaut


  • Ian Carracingboom
    Ian Carracingboom

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo from 11:26 to12:17

  • Spectator

    So why is this "Mario's" corn trip?

  • the washing machine
    the washing machine

    Title: Mario’s Corn Trip How long Mario was actually in the video: *15 seconds*

  • Ernest E
    Ernest E

    melony will be pissed

  • Viana Velos
    Viana Velos

    The Tittle: Mario's corn trip Me after seeing the whole episode: Where mario?

  • Sr.MemesAlot

    4:37 yodakage Kira just wanted a quiet broccoli life

  • AML 082
    AML 082

    12:54 when someone tricks me with a riddle or trick game

  • Common TGS
    Common TGS

    only true heros know that bob should change his blades into corn, corn is much stronger then blades, even stronger then shaggy itself

  • Teddies with me
    Teddies with me

    Don't worry rob, you can gimme the corn :D. I love corn :D.

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck

    CORN IS MY FUCKING WAY !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rosey Sylveon And Glaceon
    Rosey Sylveon And Glaceon

    STEVVVVVEEEEEE Steves organic corn

  • John Robert cruz Mimis
    John Robert cruz Mimis

    I've always wondered when Bob's hands will be useful

  • Tiger Tolman
    Tiger Tolman

    Yeah this totally Mario's corn trip even though we have seen only him twice in this video. But I still enjoyed it.

  • Chadwick Chips
    Chadwick Chips

    Bob: Yo corn is outdated! Rob: *Healthen! How dare you commit sacrlage against the all mighty corn.* Edit: Rob and bob: We are going to corn!

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese


  • It’s Showtime!
    It’s Showtime!

    2:20 through 2:36 reminded me of when my dad was forced to leave me, and now I just want to give up on my RSloft channel, plz sub or I just don’t want to post or feel like I can make anyone happy 😭

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese


  • Rafasya Dzukran Harastha
    Rafasya Dzukran Harastha

    corn corn corn corn *B R O C C O L I* note:please if there is anything wrong with my spelling im indonesian

    • Rafasya Dzukran Harastha
      Rafasya Dzukran Harastha

      corn corn corn corn corn is the language now corn corn

    • Rexosaurus

      we will sacrifice your newborn A H

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