SMG4: Perfectly Balanced.
He's baaaaack.
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  • SMG4

    • JAYDEN Reeves
      JAYDEN Reeves

      @Eduardo Bazan EL GAMER "Let's go smg4 and smg3 leave the rivalry, the fights were already years, I got over it, the passes are no longer worth fighting." According to Google translate, this is what he was saying.

    • Joseph w Wallace
      Joseph w Wallace


    • Javertholomew VII
      Javertholomew VII

      ni modo

    • 黃智霖

      Billy is a good

    • Raluca Ionescu
      Raluca Ionescu

      O love it

  • Logan Simons
    Logan Simons

    That explains everything. Especially Baldi, Family Guy, and Among us.

  • Dylan Travers
    Dylan Travers

    This is definitely a new meme arc

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson

    Rope lamp oil bomb

  • Rost

    5:13 pwed

  • Nong Koon
    Nong Koon

    Red away from the Raze Lol 8:34

  • Hadrain Blogs
    Hadrain Blogs

    Make me meme meme ememememememem3m

  • Basically Games
    Basically Games

    Now that he isn't killing everyone we can move on to a different villain, right?



  • That one Vegan hater
    That one Vegan hater

    Oh no nut!

  • That one Vegan hater
    That one Vegan hater

    Truely balanced

  • TwistSelf

    as all things should be

  • Braian Guerra
    Braian Guerra

    10:35 my fav part (the music)

  • EEFY

    how much more are you gonna try to take down smg3?, he's already gotten: cancelled and really hurt, what else could you want to do with him?, hes not a children's toy gosh fucking dammit

  • aljoncruzada


  • Foundation Agent Striker
    Foundation Agent Striker

    The thumbnail: exists Me: SMG3 THATS MY JOB TO HAVE A GUN NOT YOU

  • SpartanRascal Animates
    SpartanRascal Animates

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

  • Springtrap65 Bite of 86
    Springtrap65 Bite of 86

    I’m scared of memes now thanks a lot smg4 but still love the vids

  • Fabiano Ivo costa
    Fabiano Ivo costa

    SMG4 👎😡😡😡😡

  • Chowming Cowming
    Chowming Cowming

    The only time smg3 and smg4 ARE friends

  • Tracy Bradac
    Tracy Bradac

    Um SMG4 is SMG3 your brother?

  • wilder mind
    wilder mind

    I miss get "stickbugged" meme :(

  • TheGamingLight 360
    TheGamingLight 360

    clickbait thumbnail I LIKE THIS!!!

  • Bax

    I like SMG3

    • Mr. Ambrose
      Mr. Ambrose

      Me Too. He da Best

  • Steven Yestramski
    Steven Yestramski

    3:39 Flashback from WOTFI 2020

  • Hard Hat Beaver
    Hard Hat Beaver

    As all things should be

  • Giancarlo

    SMG3's Evolution really reminds me of Starlight Glimmer from MLP G4

  • Energon Lead 9386
    Energon Lead 9386

    “Perfectly Balanced” as all things should be

  • Robert Mays
    Robert Mays

    I am waiting for the episode when SMG4 and SMG3 join forces in the next arc

  • TheAwesomeAlfonso

    Ugadan Knuckles


    you mess 1 is trollge 2

  • Wyatt's Wacky Productions
    Wyatt's Wacky Productions

    0:51 my microwave be like

  • Ejdin Velagic
    Ejdin Velagic

    I love smg4 he is cool

  • Tahmid Nur
    Tahmid Nur

    Dead meme hospital is so Murio woah 🌸🌜

  • Veronica Franco Veronica Franco
    Veronica Franco Veronica Franco

    ଅ ଆREEOR

  • Tris_TheRacer 43
    Tris_TheRacer 43

    SMG3’s hat is now a skull simbol.

  • LeoTheHero_kid

    It’s SMG3 He’s back boiiiiii

  • Ethan eatsalot8
    Ethan eatsalot8

    0:43 *ROPE*

  • Loner TV
    Loner TV

    Me seeing this for the first time: wow looks like a 5 year old Gary’s Mod- *4 million subscribers*

    • Phantom

      I couldn't even imagine trying to replicate what SMG4 does.

  • Amos David Vargas Sousa
    Amos David Vargas Sousa


  • Signy Movies And Shows
    Signy Movies And Shows


  • A Living Coral Reef
    A Living Coral Reef

    I wonder what this means for Trollge, because unlike morshu who just became popular again and all that, Trollge is basically the Trollface but corrupted for dark humor and darker punchlines.

  • Ali The Game Gamer
    Ali The Game Gamer

    SMG3: "You two just got pwned by..." Wow he speaks Engrish as well.

  • Rolland black
    Rolland black

    Do you think smg3 is planning his revenge 🤔

  • Syed Omid Hussein Kazimi
    Syed Omid Hussein Kazimi

    I’m gonna piss on the moooon

  • Syed Omid Hussein Kazimi
    Syed Omid Hussein Kazimi

    When I get a duplicate device I will make it me on the top and every Colon would bow to me & obay

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith


  • Debora Taylor
    Debora Taylor

    SMG3husband free?

  • Cringykid_lemmeshow_u_what_thatis E
    Cringykid_lemmeshow_u_what_thatis E

    I love how the thumbnail is dramatic and the video is like mega funny-

  • Dagmara Śliwińska
    Dagmara Śliwińska

    As all things should be.

  • Kayden plays some games or other shit idk why
    Kayden plays some games or other shit idk why

    1:23 killed me


    wait.. MORSHU???!!

  • Neon mental
    Neon mental

    Smg4 You know smg3 is bad pranker

  • Andy gaming
    Andy gaming

    Smg4: wait it's all smg3. smg3: always has been


    9:55 OMG I CAN'T 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 EXTEND THIS PLEASE !

  • Aiden Barie
    Aiden Barie

    I am glad to see that smg4 actually cares about Mario

  • Eliel Neftali Flores Camilo
    Eliel Neftali Flores Camilo

    Te amo y queremos quiero verte la cara

  • Firenzar Frenzy
    Firenzar Frenzy

    SMG3 was good but bad Then genuinely became bad Now he's kind of in limbo between the 2 As he's willing to care for his own but still kind of hates SMG4 but not enough to endanger both realms Better character development than some animes

  • Firenzar Frenzy
    Firenzar Frenzy

    SMG4 just added lore to memes

  • Kayla Kaniya Kaifah
    Kayla Kaniya Kaifah

    3:35 Kayla: Dear God... SHADOW BONNIE STILL HERE!?!?!

  • Kellan Buhl YouTube
    Kellan Buhl YouTube

    SMG4 Is My Favorite! :) 😀

    • Kellan Buhl YouTube
      Kellan Buhl YouTube

      It was the best moments ever!!!!!!! 😀😃

    • Kellan Buhl YouTube
      Kellan Buhl YouTube

      My Favorite Moments About This Video almost a month is... The sound effect when smg4 logo was here The next is Kermit Chasing Mario Then morshu dancing And also 4thly memes looking at smg3 And Final is smg3 hurt.

  • christian the noob
    christian the noob

    Troll face is alive today

  • SilentGamer 36
    SilentGamer 36

    9:50 they are best friends now

  • SMG5


  • Randybta

    My Twitter account got locked out

  • william games
    william games


  • Bowser 64
    Bowser 64

    I fully expected a fight between SMG4 and SMG3 but I like them working together so I accept this.

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies

    Dude its been years since I’ve seen smg4! You’ve really grown and I couldn’t be any more proud

  • Son Goku 9,000
    Son Goku 9,000

    That is very created 😹😹😹

  • Novak Mandic
    Novak Mandic

    9:35 when my life is horrible and jesus comes and says

  • VR Gamer
    VR Gamer

    Sooo troll face came back to the real realm

  • Bernardo games 4.2
    Bernardo games 4.2


    • SMG8

      No problem

    • Bernardo games 4.2
      Bernardo games 4.2

      @SMG8 thanks

    • SMG8

      Nice one dude

  • Evan Hartsell
    Evan Hartsell

    Steve's meme farm: "am I a joke to you?"

    • Logan The Dark King Mega Rizardon X
      Logan The Dark King Mega Rizardon X


  • Meme Boi
    Meme Boi

    Morshu was in one of smg4’s videos before this tho. He worked at Arby’s in the video “smg4 expands his brain”

  • Ereaper Ecreeper
    Ereaper Ecreeper

    The life cycle 4 memes exists come alive then die alive then die 4 evah or until the meme is overrun and deleted

  • shrek afton
    shrek afton

    Like all thinks should be

  • Uganda Knuckles
    Uganda Knuckles

    Lol knuckles with a gun is hilarious

  • Goatman Brigance
    Goatman Brigance

    ROPE Bat Rope you lied to me!


    Even an awoseme rap battle can't stop smg3

  • eler2

    as all things should be.

  • Marc Nathan Arevalo
    Marc Nathan Arevalo

    Alternate title: The story of Morshu Beatbox

  • Dave Reyes
    Dave Reyes


  • Kenneth Thomasbudiman
    Kenneth Thomasbudiman

    As all things should be.

  • __MAX__

    0:51 MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmm

  • Monki Lists
    Monki Lists

    Me for no reason when watching the video:S N E E Z E

  • playergamer brawl star
    playergamer brawl star


  • Maer Jia Garsula
    Maer Jia Garsula

    SMG4 and SMG3 they like little friends

  • E

    As all things should be.

  • Dan Chai
    Dan Chai

    So SMG3 is the devil when it comes to memes?

  • Ɍɑƴɔ ツ
    Ɍɑƴɔ ツ

    5:32 plz music ?

  • Screaming Gamer
    Screaming Gamer

    Has anyone got an idea on where weegee and sanic are

  • Marylou Pilkington
    Marylou Pilkington

    me:*watches the episode* that is to random* notices that its smg4 episode wait that's iilegal

  • Tim258

    1 second ago

  • Paul Merian
    Paul Merian

    The meme is oooooooooold,it was invented in 1879

    • Paul Merian
      Paul Merian

      I think

  • TheHermitGamer 822
    TheHermitGamer 822


  • smg8 88
    smg8 88

    I am going to destroy smg3 why is he bringing all these Dead memes back they should be dead forever except Uganda Knuckles and Crash Bandicoot

  • Connor Mcpherson
    Connor Mcpherson

    SMG4 has committed a sin. The original sin that man is responsible for. ***TO PROTECT THE LIFE CYCLE***

  • La_team_des_Barbote s
    La_team_des_Barbote s

    Me seeing the title : as all things should be

  • The RagingFire
    The RagingFire

    As all things should be.

  • RaZorplayz

    Make a video about the trollge because that demonic thing is relevant plsssss

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