Mario, Meggy and friends are celebrating halloween when things go very very wrong.
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  • SMG4

    META RUNNER SEASON 2 IS OUT! 👉 Thanks for watching guys 🎃🎃🎃 Happy Halloween!

    • Lilian Pereira
      Lilian Pereira


    • Celeste Batista
      Celeste Batista

      Oh crushes who

    • Sebastian Elias Torres
      Sebastian Elias Torres

      @Laggy Leakz nobody cares about you

    • Sebastian Elias Torres
      Sebastian Elias Torres

      It’s not Halloween😑

    • Anomer19

      Im a bit late am i?

  • Alt_for _olando0
    Alt_for _olando0

    Meggy versus herself got me thinking of the animation u guys are puting lol sunset paradise

  • Ken Gm
    Ken Gm

    1:50 what the heck is that ?

  • Piegaming OwO
    Piegaming OwO

    Fun fact this happened when gmod had an error and all textures were gone but they fixed it in no time

  • Rinxifyツ

    meggy still cute asf


    The part mario said hes act sus among us joke

  • kacpereq24

    never uninstall CS:S

  • Leonard Birndorf
    Leonard Birndorf

    belle: * gets kidnapped by monster * everyone: *spooky music* stops

  • Alexander Broche
    Alexander Broche

    This reminds me of us you know like the movie

  • George Aguero
    George Aguero


  • Cherry Blood
    Cherry Blood

    Steve: * remembers the Vietnam war and his chicken friend

  • Will and Jo channel
    Will and Jo channel

    Pvz sounds

  • P K M N_ CARL
    P K M N_ CARL

    hmmm... i can’t say but i like that corn 1:13

  • My medical degree is real!
    My medical degree is real!

    How do whimpu have so many Girl things

  • Lucas Henrique
    Lucas Henrique

    0:56 UwU

    • Lucas Henrique
      Lucas Henrique


  • Lucas Henrique
    Lucas Henrique

    I like meggy

  • Michael anthony Perez
    Michael anthony Perez

    9:50 don’t do it Mario (aka freiza) chicken go boom CHICKEN! I’m about to whoop somebody’s asss

  • Diana Myronenko
    Diana Myronenko

    Zardy's Maze anyone?

  • Fun size Whitty
    Fun size Whitty

    Steve will never give up his chickens

  • Carmen Ceballos
    Carmen Ceballos

    Zardys maze vibes

  • cheese two
    cheese two


  • Félix Auger
    Félix Auger

    uwu owo ^^w^^ pwq

  • Mello T
    Mello T

    Zradys maze be like

  • Girlfriend [FNF]
    Girlfriend [FNF]

    1:45 the glitches begin

  • Ricardo Chavarria
    Ricardo Chavarria


  • Prime O Toasty
    Prime O Toasty

    Fix bugs to kill tnf or update the program

  • Nicky Boi 1280
    Nicky Boi 1280

    Zardys maze be like

  • LJ’s Yt channel
    LJ’s Yt channel

    2:02 disturbing af

  • Nick Bison
    Nick Bison

    7:07 AMOGUS

  • Nick Bison
    Nick Bison

    this reminds me so much of the zardy mod from fnf

  • Lautaro Fajardo Coria
    Lautaro Fajardo Coria

    Steve chicken, killed by Whimpu (IDK in what time killed it) and eaten by Whimpu and Saiko (1:19 to 1:29). R. I. P chicken :C

  • Samuel Perez
    Samuel Perez

    basically zardys maze

  • diana Chetraru
    diana Chetraru

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sayan

  • Karen Atienza
    Karen Atienza


  • Verr Tito
    Verr Tito

    And by the way steve is never in the video anymore

  • Verr Tito
    Verr Tito

    Steve is getting vietnam flashbacks to a chicken

  • among us
    among us

    Ummmmmmm ( ̄ヘ ̄)

  • Sh1l04


  • Giratina The Renegade
    Giratina The Renegade

    Steve: **vietnam flashbacks**

  • JV Gradiz
    JV Gradiz

    Whimpu and 3rr0r whimpu are the same bacause both have black eyes!

  • Ali Kazm
    Ali Kazm

    4:46 Evli bob gotcha Bod

  • Arif Tunç
    Arif Tunç


  • Ruv

    Where are the spooky kids?!

  • Ruslan BRO
    Ruslan BRO


  • Winner !
    Winner !

    Zardy's Maze

  • Adrian Banguanga
    Adrian Banguanga

    The real zardy's maze

  • Big_piggy 8192
    Big_piggy 8192

    its cornhub

  • That one Vegan hater
    That one Vegan hater

    Let’s star a fundraiser for Steve’s chicken wing!

  • Ma. Janice Nicol
    Ma. Janice Nicol

    what ! Super meggy bat and zombies😬😬😬😬😬🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  • Saul Felipe oi
    Saul Felipe oi

    AMOGUS 7:04

  • qwertyplatypus and platypus
    qwertyplatypus and platypus

    Dont kill boopkins with fire, *its illegal.*

  • Andrea Buonocore
    Andrea Buonocore

    7:05 amogus

  • FlameGamer


  • Danny Gras
    Danny Gras

    6:06 wait that’s illegal

  • Pack Jack
    Pack Jack

    Smb you should have made it zardy’s maze because one of the characters are pretty much zardy just without the rake

  • MarcoRBX Le Scraigne
    MarcoRBX Le Scraigne

    9:25 why is this my favorite part

  • Fırat Odabaş
    Fırat Odabaş

    Corn yum brokoli not yum

  • rattlesnake252

    All I am saying is that Mario and meggy should be a couple right

  • Varzaru Paul
    Varzaru Paul

    this is giving me zardys maze vibes

  • TameraXx

    What the hell is going on!!

  • ryan game
    ryan game

    Happy Halloween but is unreal in smg4

  • fredrik årman
    fredrik årman

    10:45 hold up!

  • superbababoi lolz
    superbababoi lolz

    Foolhardy be like

  • SJ Youtube
    SJ Youtube

    NO MARIO that's illegal

  • Xxgachawolfangel xX
    Xxgachawolfangel xX

    Anyone watching this from 3021?

  • Melissa Sorrowfree
    Melissa Sorrowfree

    That one moment when I need herobrine:(pulls out chicken)

  • thatkid 12
    thatkid 12

    Why is it always boopkins who has to get captured

  • Marco Vega
    Marco Vega

    Sooo.... Where is axol?

  • Cleetus fan 905
    Cleetus fan 905

    Epic gamer mode

  • Dawn Roman
    Dawn Roman


  • Benji Playz
    Benji Playz

    Turn on captions and see what it says 😂

  • Vibes_ AreEpic
    Vibes_ AreEpic

    Never EVER mess with steves chicken.

  • thanaanan muyruangsri
    thanaanan muyruangsri

    This is the core field Zardy:thats called corn maze (maybe)

  • Happy Hench
    Happy Hench

    6:04 damn i just realese this music from danganronpa

  • David Lango
    David Lango

    Lol Mario is all like this is why mom doesn’t love u

  • Anthony Gaming
    Anthony Gaming

    The heck did SMG3 get out? One minute later: Ohh it said a few months ago

  • Omega Y
    Omega Y

    Is this us the movie

  • Lil’ Red Crewmate
    Lil’ Red Crewmate

    9:37 aww steve sad.. 9:46 oh shit 9:49 OH DAMN YOU MESSED UP NOW 9:54 HE MAD

  • trudy kilburn
    trudy kilburn

    Pumkin: *UwU*

  • ꧁seagull꧂

    SPOOKY SCARY BANDICOOTS (music at the start of the actual vid not the one at intro lol)

  • D L
    D L

    The intro is with tari

  • Asia Asia
    Asia Asia

    Corn Po$n was what made me die of laughter

  • samuel gomer fd04
    samuel gomer fd04

    Garry's mod

  • Cloud Concepcion
    Cloud Concepcion

    7:01 fishy boopkins is not an imposter Mario is sus

  • jelaiah gene estologa
    jelaiah gene estologa

    Super Meggy Bat XD

  • Shirley Breakfield
    Shirley Breakfield

    LMAO 3:56

  • Dylan Emilio
    Dylan Emilio

    El mejor te te salva la vida de un extraño desconocido para decir a un amigo tuyo y súper herobrin súper sayayín al principio Parecía un simple pero ahí se iba para el formato herobrin y ahí se volvió gerobrai Súper

  • Dylan Emilio
    Dylan Emilio

    La parte que más me da risa de videos de Mario dice yo

  • Dylan Emilio
    Dylan Emilio

    Claro con la mejor amiga Te te salva la vida

  • Dylan Emilio
    Dylan Emilio

    Claro la que te dobla la cabeza claro amigo Claro Ella es la que te lo

  • Dylan Emilio
    Dylan Emilio

    Halloween Halloween Halloween Halloween Halloween Halloween

  • jose arlex sanchez
    jose arlex sanchez


  • jose arlex sanchez
    jose arlex sanchez


  • jose arlex sanchez
    jose arlex sanchez

    Poor steve

  • CryingRat?

    Jub jub didnt say no to drugs

  • Gen Rex
    Gen Rex

    1:37 mario has spotted AMOGUS

  • 郑玉良

    I think meggy lost some IQ when Mario used her head as a weapon

  • Mr. P-boi
    Mr. P-boi

    Everybody watching 2021 be lie: Z a r d y f o o l h a r d y

  • Logan Roman
    Logan Roman

    7:07 I noticed that amogus moment on the subtitles

  • Adam Iskandar
    Adam Iskandar

    wimpu: *eats chicken* steve:*has war flashbacks*