SMG4: The Resurrection
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  • Gaming Dragon
    Gaming Dragon

    Smg4 knew exactly what he was doing when he put meggy in the thumbnail and titled the video "The Resurrection"

  • Urmomeomaniac

    1:34 Fitness Insructor: *F E E L T H E B U R N* 1 millisecond later: *fitness instructor feels the burn* Instant Karma

  • Alex Brunner
    Alex Brunner

    I like the art by Daekim 26 it's funny

  • Dr. NTM
    Dr. NTM

    How come mario not do this for destie?

  • Marco Carmona
    Marco Carmona

    What happened to Greg?

  • Zury

    1:30 me on moving class-

  • Meme Addict
    Meme Addict

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  • SJ Youtube
    SJ Youtube

    So the anime arc was useless????????

  • Oskar Goworek
    Oskar Goworek

    move mario exe

  • Shockercody 999
    Shockercody 999

    Spoilers Maybe they could of used the resurrection power on Lucks.

  • Faith Beveridge-White
    Faith Beveridge-White

    Bob’s almost final words “someone remember to feed my…hose…

  • Jocelia Sousa
    Jocelia Sousa


  • Jocelia Sousa
    Jocelia Sousa


  • Teetune 07
    Teetune 07

    8:10 Odogarons... wasnt expecting this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brady Harper
    Brady Harper

    6:32 “I put my tank into defense mode”

  • Skye

    When I say that Turian I got SO HAPPY YALL KNOW MASS EFFECT

  • the FROGVIBE
    the FROGVIBE

    8:15 this is why I liked this video


    I didn’t know Greg died!

  • SMG5 // paradox productions
    SMG5 // paradox productions

    everyone: *waiting for new smg4 uploads* me: *waiting for part two*

  • Gamers of the world
    Gamers of the world

    My first smg4 video after 2 years i don't know why I stopped watching. I'm happy I'm back ☺

    • Tate Pennick
      Tate Pennick

      Welcome back!

  • M1A2 Abrams
    M1A2 Abrams

    *Top ten anime resurrections gone wrong*

  • dog blog idk
    dog blog idk

    What are you doing step-mario?

  • notagoku gamer
    notagoku gamer

    lol 7:25

  • San The Blox
    San The Blox

    6:18 i didnt know when did mario told meggy he going to revive Greg like Meggy just suddenly know by herself

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    D E D

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy


  • Gabriel Estreito
    Gabriel Estreito

    i see meggy on the thumbnail and resurrection on the tittle... i like where this is going

    • Gabriel Estreito
      Gabriel Estreito

      aaaand it was a false hope

  • jotaro Kujo
    jotaro Kujo

    7:22 yeah

  • hanna yakub
    hanna yakub

    Day after my son is my friends 8:16

  • Jennifer Firth
    Jennifer Firth

    4:41 I don’t know how many people will get this reference but this is from one of his old videos

  • bloodyface samuel
    bloodyface samuel

    fun fact: some of the hats and other stuff in this video are actually from roblox, like the hat hat bob is wearing at 6:15

  • Dalton Poynter
    Dalton Poynter

    Yay trove turned rtx on!!!

  • Beth Ampezzan
    Beth Ampezzan

    5:58 By far best part of this video

  • Jean64w019

    What fuker this Episode shit im sorry more could be better Really SMG4 resurrect the greg why didn't you think about reliving the Desti

  • Sarp Coskun
    Sarp Coskun

    i think you need new logo for you

  • tomasz robieniek
    tomasz robieniek

    Bob: god me up bi*****

  • You can now play as Luigi
    You can now play as Luigi

    This is basically how I play dungeons and dragons

  • Lun Lun
    Lun Lun

    Am I the only one that noticed that smg4 uses roblox guns

  • Diego Terrones Tule
    Diego Terrones Tule

    Smg4 después de subir en video que fue hackeado Smg4: odio latinoamericana

  • Ghostclaw the Warrior Cat
    Ghostclaw the Warrior Cat

    whats the soundtrack from 8:50 ???

  • GRW

    3:45 That mouse is looking clean tho

  • paj wubx
    paj wubx

    Skyforge was fun, but I couldn't understand how multiplayer nor the battle royale works, did enjoy freezing my enemies tho

  • Anonimus228SuperHacker


  • ceratoraptor destroyer of worlds
    ceratoraptor destroyer of worlds

    guys pete the skeleton didnt get resurrected so why would greg get resurrected? if someone dies their dead. no coming back,no revival,no extra lives. and if smg4 makes a big deal out of someones death then their gone for good.

  • Froglet8

    6:12 random crits in tf2.exe

  • XWIN T
    XWIN T

    I was looking through the comments and no one had stated that Mario said that the beholder doom thingy with one eye had to many legs.

  • mundo com patati Patatá
    mundo com patati Patatá

    0:00 oh my god Hobo Bros retrun yayyy

  • Melody Licayan
    Melody Licayan

    smg4 theres a odogarons and legianas from monster hunter

  • Real cool_boy
    Real cool_boy

    Mario in friday night funkin please i didn't see it.

  • Penguin Studios
    Penguin Studios

    Could the roblox duck be tari's pet duck

  • Alexander Clein
    Alexander Clein


  • ZippyThunder

    ok i guess im ok with persona 4 music for the sponsor

  • Not Cooper :3
    Not Cooper :3

    I need to say what if mario was in fnf?THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN ik it's not part of the vid but come on it's a good idea right?

  • Saksang Ku
    Saksang Ku

    Anti Ellie is the allien

    • Saksang Ku
      Saksang Ku

      Greg is Charles then Mario is henry

    • Saksang Ku
      Saksang Ku

      Bob is the ruby

    • Saksang Ku
      Saksang Ku

      Thanos is KAKA BRINE

  • Fumei . EXE
    Fumei . EXE

    8:11 I cant believe he putted multiple odogaron along with the legiana from monster hunter world in this video lmao

  • Gilang Mk2
    Gilang Mk2

    4:27 Dr. Doofenshmirtz would be proud!

  • Xenoslayer

    You can put monster hunter monsters into videos like that?

  • Manuel Jaurez
    Manuel Jaurez

    En serio creías 🤣meggy creías que ibas a tener una transformación épica como una heroína de anime o de los Avengers🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sonic_fan_boi521

    Honestly their "transformation" remins me of the final fantasy thing smg4 made years ago because but is but you get it and the d&d thing

  • HenryKaul Roloz
    HenryKaul Roloz


  • Syrath Douglas Foot tall Neko Boy Likes being held
    Syrath Douglas Foot tall Neko Boy Likes being held

    I call my teammate to battle! Pilgor the goat! :D THE GODDESS OF DESTRUCTION >a goat falls into the battle with a towel on its back, and proceeds to make it rain whales before turning into an astronaut and somehow making gravity stop working, then turning into a demon, collecting everyone into a ball, and headbutting them into space. Then it turns into a T-Rex and eats a ufo. That’s right, goat simulator.

  • Boyofsteel4reel !
    Boyofsteel4reel !

    Seriously is there somewhere I can get that leggy cut out ????

  • Jamieson Schuller
    Jamieson Schuller

    Sky forge lools similar to ark survival evolved

  • Oscar Villatoro
    Oscar Villatoro


  • YouChoob

    4:55 Who gave the Loli a minigun?!?!

  • Deer Top 2020
    Deer Top 2020

    R.I.P Greg he was a good alien 😭

  • nick z_e_e
    nick z_e_e

    3:55 i love that you here nico bellic screaming in the game😂😂

  • Kovac theSaggy
    Kovac theSaggy

    Anyone here know why Bob has ovaries?

  • ocenel 43
    ocenel 43

    Mario in Monster hunter

  • colly407

    Huh, the enclave DID go to space... or at least ONE of them did

  • Jakester VR
    Jakester VR

    11:51 holy shit dat cool

  • Edgy Boi728
    Edgy Boi728 god the toy cacos saying hello mario really blew up my laughbox XD

  • sandragon 124
    sandragon 124

    Good to see Odogaron and Legiana in an SMG4 video.

  • Yahya Zayed
    Yahya Zayed

    So cringe LLOLOL

  • Chin Andrei Veldan
    Chin Andrei Veldan

    7:10 If you can hear SUPER FUCKING WELL, you can hear the halo theme in the sewer and damn I heard it (requires the SHARPEST OF HEARING AND EARS TO HEAR IT)

  • lol nerd
    lol nerd

    i think meggy was thinking of her friend and not greg

  • That be Spook
    That be Spook

    To everyone talking about reviving desti that would ruin all the character progression meggy went through I love desti bit she's gotta stay dead

  • Mr H.
    Mr H.

    toadette actually acted normal-

  • Ester Grace Salvador
    Ester Grace Salvador

    mario sees a sword how mario sees it:but scratcher

  • Franco salinas d soy autista
    Franco salinas d soy autista

    Odogaron and legiana reference smg4

  • USSR

    aliens be like: *EOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEOEO*

  • TheAdvertisement

    10:10 "Higher beings, these words are for you alone."

  • TheAdvertisement

    Mario: Let's resurrect someone! Meggy: *_Desti PTSD._*

    • MilkMasterGaming

      Post traumatic stress desti

  • Nicu Strimbopol
    Nicu Strimbopol

    This will most likely be a new arc so il get this out of the way Waluigi arc = best ark

  • Evert Alonso Acuña Canales
    Evert Alonso Acuña Canales

    1:25 1:26 hahaha wii fit trainer xd

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez

    8:15 "i'm about to whip somebody's ass"

  • David Hertzman
    David Hertzman

    1:02 the weapon is a sock that has been farted on.

  • Lobster

    Monster hunter monsters 👀 Something tells me they’ve been playing it recently

  • Alan Lin
    Alan Lin

    2:46 tfw it’s not Ayylien You had one job *one* *job*

  • Khoirul Ilham
    Khoirul Ilham

    Why must aelion what if aloen

  • Thunderstar Legends
    Thunderstar Legends

    I just realized why they don't just use the dragon ball to wish him back!

  • Parakeet animation studio
    Parakeet animation studio

    I just felt like commenting “ *brian whatever kills me makes me stronger* “

  • CaioDias

    Did nobody hear the crys of mega rayquaza and primal groundon at 8:52 and 9:02

  • TheFlying Hamburger
    TheFlying Hamburger

    This is the most action packed thing I've ever seen and I've seen some good action movies

  • jyd

    are that roblox arsenal sounds?


    Meggys destiny #2 coming soon

  • Nate Fraser
    Nate Fraser

    When I saw the word "Resurrection", I thought they meant SMG3

  • Delano van den Ham
    Delano van den Ham

    odogaron best boy

  • Mega Mike 70
    Mega Mike 70

    I love the Odo army about to whip somebody's ass at 8:05

  • a normal duck
    a normal duck

    what if

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